My original idea for Rough Housing was that I would do more stand-alone stories of various lengths, like a 16-page story, and then a 4-page story, and then fill the rest with stand-alone gags.

What I’ve ended up doing instead, is writing mostly 44-page two-parters. Oops. >.>

But! Since the comic is going on break until November-ish, it gives me a chance to play around with some other ideas, including this one. 🙂 In the style of “4-koma” manga (such as K-On!, one of my recent big inspirations for Rough Housing), or possibly even just hearkening back to my newspaper-comic traditions, “4-Panel Fun Time” will be just some fun one-off gags that help flesh out the cast and give some downtime between big ol’ dramas. 🙂

-The Gneech