Bounce Otter

bio_bounceThe “door man” (i.e., bouncer) at The Rough House, Bounce is an otter of few words and a permanent deadpan manner.


bio_busterA small, ill-tempered crab that seems to follow Charity around. Also seems to alternate between being an actual crab and a hermit crab. What’s that about?

Charity Cheeger

Charity CheegerThe new boss at The Rough House, Charity is the daughter of Dover C. Cheetah and Comfort T. Tiger from The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger).

Langley Lupina

Langley LupinaAn employee of The Rough House, who was basically running the place until Charity showed up, Langley has a sharp tongue and an attitude to match.

Parker Peacock

Parker Peacock
A waiter at The Rough House, Parker is a high-strung but gorgeous peacock with impeccable tastes… and a strong streak of drama queen.

Roxie Fox

Roxie Fox
A resident of Missing Keys, Roxie is a surfer chick and proud of it. Like most of the natives, she refers to everyone as “dude,” regardless of their gender.

Rufo Redwolf

Rufo RedwolfThe cook and sometimes bartender at The Rough House, Rufo is flirty, pansexual, and Latino (in that order), and more than happy to tell you all about it.