Man, Gilligan and the other castaways didn’t know how good they had it.

In Other News!

2017 is gonna feature a lot of new beginnings for me, and also a lot of housecleaning around things that have been going a while, including Suburban Jungle. I’m still working out what a lot of that stuff is going to be, but if you have anything you’d like me to keep in mind, now’s the time.

Charity welcomes you with a pineapple!One thing I have in mind to bring back, is the Suburban Jungle Welcome Pineapple. This was a tradition we used to have on the forums back in the day, thanks to HBar98, Tora Kiyoshi and others, of welcoming newcomers to the community by presenting them with a virtual pineapple.

Now the concept of forum communities these days isn’t what it was in 2005, but they still exist! And in fact, Rough Housing has an honest-to-goodness forum! It’s got some cool people in it! Why not head over and introduce yourself? You might just get a virtual pineapple out of it, and really, can you beat that?