Whew! Between my back, my heart problems, and the loss of my mom, I was beginning to think this page was never gonna be done. The fact that it’s only a few days late is really something I should be proud of, in its own way.

As for the page itself, this is the Stan Sakai Charity Auction page, featuring the generous donors who raised $1,125 to help this comics master during a time of difficulty.

So please help me give thanks and a big round of applause to KarmaKat, LionKingCMSL, Kiara, “The Rocker,” Kitana, MaxFuchsCoyote, Kyyanno, Dewhitton, Exatron, and “The Flower Pony.” You are all awesome!

Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing will be taking a short break while I try to recover from all the stuff I’ve got going on right now. I expect Issue Two to start on June 3rd. “Ask the Cast” will still appear as normal, and there will probably be teaser images here as well.

Hope to see you then! Stay awesome, jungloids!