…A cliffhanger!

I am in the midst of selling my house and will probably be spending November and/or December dealing with that, so I’m not sure exactly when Issue Three (“Massive Damage”) will begin. The good news is, I hope to have print copies of issue two by Midwest Furfest (where I plan to be in the artist alley), or at Further Confusion at the latest (where I will be lurking at Graveyard Greg and/or FurPlanet’s table, depending on who can put up with me longer).

If you are a Patreon subscriber at the $25 or higher level, your physical copies of issue two will be headed your way as soon as I have some. I know that a few of you are still owed copies of issue one as well, so I will be sending those out at the same time.

I expect to also be posting some sketches and the like here over the next several weeks, so keep checking back here for updates!

-The Gneech