Leonard has an amazing ability to bring out the “I didn’t mean to say that much” in everybody. What I want to know, is why does Charity have a pat of butter for a pillow?

PS: As I mentioned in my LiveJournal the other day, August is just going to be packed out the wazoo, and the more I look at it as objectively as I can, the more certain it seems to me that I won’t be able to keep up a 2 pages/week schedule while making all my other commitments. As it is, I’ve been keeping just one page ahead by pushing myself on it, which is enough to maintain for the short-term, but not enough to get out of permanent crisis mode. In order to get ahead and have some breathing room, I’m going to need to throttle back the publishing schedule.

So y’know what? We’re just gonna make that official like it was the plan from the beginning, like a boss.

Therefore, for the month of August at least and possibly into September, Suburban Jungle will update once a week. I’m going to keep drawing at the best rate I can muster, in between all the STUFF I’ll be doing, but I’m not going to go back to a 2 pages/week publishing schedule until my backlog of commissions are out the door at the very least.