After 20-ish years in the furry fandom, I finally have a proper fursona, that’s Nii-chan. She was first conceived in a tweet, inspired by a binge watch of Love Live!

“Sure, but let’s look at the facts.
-I have trouble getting up in the morning.
-I love carbs and bubblegum pop music.
-I’m bad at math.

Fast forward a week or two and I decided on a whim to commission a few artists to draw my usual leonine avatar as an anime schoolgirl… and as soon as I saw the one from Likeshine, I instantly fell in love. O.o Although I referred to her as “Gneech-chan” for a few days, she eventually evolved into Nii-chan and I became obsessed with her. XD 25+ Telegram stickers and a handful of larger drawings later, the lines of where “Gneech” ends and “Nii-chan” begins have become lost. Nii-chan is me, but she’s the best of me, without the years of depression/angst/unhealthy habits/baggage I had been carrying around but have been shedding over the past few months.

Also, as suggested by my Twitter followers, Nii-chan has taken over scripting duties for Rough Housing, so that should be interesting. Her first idea was the entire cast attempting to sneak into a Leona Lioness concert wearing trenchcoats and giant fake mustaches… XD

But hey, at least now, if I need a self-insert character for the comic, Nii-chan can jump in for me. 😉

-The Gneech