I’m new here! What is “The Suburban Jungle”?

The original The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger) is a furry slice-of-life/romantic-comedy/bad-sf webcomic created by The Gneech, which ran from February 1999 – November 2009. The new comic is a full-page format story of all new characters in the same setting, set roughly 15-20 years later.

Wait. Isn’t there something wrong with the math there?

Comics are wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Don’t think about it too much.

What is the release schedule?

Life permitting, I intend to release pages every Monday and Wednesday, with a quarterly print run which will be sold by FurPlanet. The good news is, this is my day job now! So hopefully getting things out on time will actually happen for a change. ¬.¬

“Suburban Jungle (Rough Housing)”? Wait, is this SJ or not?

This comic is a sequel/spinoff of the original The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger). It’s set in the same world, but some years later, with an all-new cast of characters. Think of it as Suburban Jungle: The Next Generation if you like.

Will we ever see Drezzer/Leona/Athena/some other fave? Will you ever resolve (some dangling subplot from the first comic)?

Maybe. BUT! This is a new story with new characters, so anything that carries over from the original strip will only appear in as much as it impacts the current cast. Charity is Dover and Comfort’s daughter, and Leonard and Tiffany’s niece, so it’s certainly conceivable that any of them might have reason to appear, but don’t expect it until you see it.

Where is “Missing Keys”?

Roughly two hours south of New San Angeles, via the freeway. It actually appeared in the original SJ, although it was not named as such: it was the beach town where Dover and Comfort bumped into Wally and Mikey.

Are you crazy, is that your problem?

Yes, and yes.